Crookwell Residence

In the enchanting canvas of the Crookwell Residence, we embarked on a journey to celebrate the essence of open plan living. In this symphony of design, we orchestrated the kitchen and its majestic island as the heartstrings of the home, where culinary artistry and social gatherings harmonise.

To craft a tapestry of contrasts and harmonies, we laid down Oak Timber floors, weaving their warm embrace to counterbalance the bold black accents that punctuate this space. This dance of materials is further choreographed with the elegant sweep of white joinery and the light allure of super white stone.

Our lighting design, akin to a carefully curated art exhibition, gracefully ties in the black window frames that frame the exterior world. Gunmetal fixtures unite the elements, creating an exquisite cohesion that resonates throughout the residence.

As the boundary between the exterior and interior blurs, the subtle texture of white wash painted bricks tells a story of timeless charm. This textured narrative is echoed within, where carefully chosen feature tiles carry forth the tale, creating a space where design dreams come to life.