Crammond Residence

Step into the Crammond Residence, where contemporary elegance reigns supreme. Our design vision unfurls with a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic, a symphony of dark, detailed elements that dance through the space in the form of gunmetal fixtures and black-framed windows.

The bathroom becomes a sanctuary with its large-format Terrazzo tiles, reminiscent of the earth itself. Each step is an immersion in natural, grounded materiality, evoking a sense of connection to the world outside. The warmth of natural oak timber finishes caresses your senses, a tender counterpoint to the raw, textural embrace of concrete tiles.

Our commitment to continuity and harmony extends to the very walls themselves. VJ detailing graces the alfresco and dining areas, seamlessly linking them to the exterior cladding that adorns the façade. The journey begins outside, and as you cross the threshold, it unfolds, a narrative of design excellence that invites you to explore, appreciate, and cherish every corner of the Crammond Residence.