Let’s lock in the floor plan and set the mood.

Your home and workplace are your sanctuaries so they should reflect that. Whether your heart belongs to contemporary, coastal, or French provincial mixed with your own individual and bespoke flare, concept design is where the magic begins.

In the world of interior design, “concept design” is like the exciting beginning of a creative adventure. It’s the phase where we brainstorm big ideas, explore themes, and sketch out the visual style for a space. This crucial stage is where we set the mood and draw up a detailed map for how the project will evolve, making sure we are your designers and you, as our client, are on the same page with your vision.

What is Concept Design

A stylish bathroom featuring a freestanding white bathtub with a towel draped over the side, positioned in front of a large window. The room has white square tiles on the walls and a unique marble vanity with gold fixtures.

The process of concept design involves a collaborative partnership between our team of interior designers and you, our valued clients. During this phase, we engage in open discussions, iterate on ideas, and tailor them to perfectly align with your preferences and needs. Once this concept design receives your approval, it becomes the cornerstone for the subsequent stages of the interior design journey. This initial focus on design concept formation is a critical investment that guarantees a unified and aesthetically pleasing interior space, harmonising with your vision, and fulfilling your functionality requirements.

How Does It Work?

During the concept design phase, we lay the groundwork for a space: