Kilcoy Butcher Shop
– Built by Amicus

In a collaboration with Amicus, Studio Bide commenced its transformative journey to begin a new life in the heart of Kilcoy—a revitalisation project rooted in the restoration of an antiquated butcher shop.
Tasked with reimagining the past, our creative team meticulously crafted a homage to the iconic 1950s Butcher shop era. The soulful resurrection of bygone charm unfolded through the artful integration of hex and dot flooring, invoking a nostalgic ambiance that resonates with the town’s history. A symphony of timber beams further envelops the space in a warm rustic embrace, marrying tradition with contemporary design.
Paying homage to Kilcoy’s distinctive brand identity, navy joinery and cladding transformed the space into an iconic cornerstone within the town. By experimenting with colour and texture, we succeeded in not only resurrecting a structure, but orchestrating a visual ode to the town’s heritage—a design narrative that seamlessly intertwines past and present in the fabric of Kilcoy’s vibrant community.