Roselands Residence

The Roselands Residence project captures the essence of a traditional French provincial aesthetic for a family residence. The deliberate selection of tundra grey marble tiles serves as the foundation, elegantly embracing a subtle grey spectrum adorned with delicate white highlights. This artful interplay finds synergy with the strategic integration of black wrought iron elements, enhancing the intrinsic character of the design. Meticulously tailored lighting arrangements were orchestrated to not only illuminate but also exalt the vertical expanse and opulence of the residence. Precise craftsmanship is evidenced in the incorporation of wainscoting, coffered ceilings, and intricate joinery, yielding a multifaceted embodiment of timeless provincial charm. The bathrooms seamlessly continue the narrative with bespoke custom joinery and fixtures, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality throughout the interiors.